MES Engineered Solutions by AKO has been awarded two large projects in the cellulose sector driven by Ence Energía y Celulosa, the European leader in renewable energy production from forest biomass Octubre, 2015. MES Engineered Solutions by AKO, empresa especializada en soluciones de distribución de energía y control de instalaciones ha llevado a cabo el […]

MES Engineered Solutions has been a leader in providing electrical systems with enhanced safety features. After introducing Arc Quenchinh Systems and Arc Reduction Maintenance Systems (ARMS), MES is going a step forward by introducing ThermoObservation RFID (TOR) systems in Main Electrical Distribution Boards and Motor Control Centers. The first TOR system has successfully been delivered […]

EHT Tracing panels are normally installed outdoors, exposed to sunlight. In thermosolar plants, these type of industrial control panels need a reliable cooling system to ensure proper operation of internal electrical and electronic components and increase its life span. Refrigeration panels in hazardous locations C1D2 At Solana, Arizona, AKO Engineering has successfully delivered cooling system […]

AKO´s business unit MES, has recently obtained the UL certification for its industrial control and energy distribution solution, strengthening its internationalization reach and commitment to compliance with current laws in all 90 countries where it exports. This certification provides our customers with a comprehensive and personalized service that starts with the application study phase (research and development); includes project design and […]